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Understanding Lead Based Paint

If you have purchased a home in Minnesota in the past few years chances are you've had a sign a Lead Based Paint Disclosure stating that the home you are selling may have lead based paint.

In 1978 the federal government banned Lead Based Paint (LBP) in consumer paints which means homes and buildings built prior to 1978 most likely has LBP in (and on) them at one point. 87% of homes built prior to 1950 actually had LBP.

Chances are if the home you are looking to buy or sell is in good condition, the LBP has been painted over or the areas that have been painted have been removed, but you still need to be aware that the home you are buying or selling may have this.

Your Realtor is required to provide you with a LBP brochure if you are buying a home built prior to 1978. The brochure, printed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), provides more information about the effects LBP may have on your family.


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