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Mounds View Sewer Line Inspections

Mounds View Minnesota becomes one of a few cities in Minnesota that are now requiring homeowners at the time of sale to get an Influx and Inflow (I/I) inspection to sell their home.

While the ordinance was passed in late 2019, it took sometime for the city to develop the processes relating to the I/I inspections and the entire H2OOPP program they have established.

The application fee is $150.00 and the inspection company charges between $100 and $150.00.

West Saint Paul, Minnesota is one of the other cities in the Twin Cities to require I/I inspections to sell homes. These inspections are meant to ensure the sewer lines going from the home to the sewer main, normally under the street, are in working order.

For more information, please contact your Ferndale Realty adviser.


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