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Is the Winter a Good Time to Buy?

Most people think the housing market tends to heat up in March as the things begin to unfreeze here in the midwest. They would be right. Generally there are more houses that hit the market, and more buyers looking to buy in the spring and summer months, into the fall.

Most families want to move and find a place before the start of the next school year so their children are enrolled in the district before September, this means they start looking in the spring and move over the summer. And let's face it, no one wants to move their things in the winter when it's super cold outside.

Which means it might be the perfect time for you as a homebuyer to buy! As we mentioned above, no one wants to move and sellers understand that, so they are often willing to take less than asking for their home or offer other incentives like seller-paid closing costs.

If you are mobile and perhaps don't need to worry about school districts, the winter might be a great time to buy. In addition, lenders, title companies, and other vendors that work you to buy the home maybe less busy and can focus more on your file.

Lot's of reasons to consider working with Ferndale Realty to purchase your next home this winter!


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