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How Do You Know Your Contractor Is Legit?

We hear it everyday, so many scams out there and so many fly-by-night "guys" trying to make a buck without doing the work.

Every buyer and seller asks us for recommendations about contractors to do various projects around their house, either to get it ready to seller or perhaps they just bought and want to do some updates.

Let me first say there are a few places you shouldn't be looking for contractors - Craigslist is a big no, no. Remember, anyone can post an ad on CL and be a contractor for the day. Facebook marketplace and other community pages like that can be just as bad.

There are a few websites that professional contractors use for lead generation such as Angie's List. Generally the contractors you communicate with on that platform are professional.

Another great place is to stop into the local lumber yard or hardware store. More often than not they have their ear to the ground in the industry and know how to recommend and who not to recommend for a project.

Home expos and referrals are often good places too because there is a human element to the person. They have met you or know someone you have met. It's always good to check references regardless of the source though.

In Minnesota, the Department of Labor and Industry licenses certain trades like General Contractors, etc. If the individual you are working with or talking to is not licensed, that would be a big red flag. Ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate too. You wouldn't want someone getting injured and the contractor is at fault but doesn't have insurance.

Good luck with your project!


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