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Best Holiday Lights in Minnesota

With the year we have had it sounds like we all need a little holiday cheer. One of the best ways to get your fill of the holidays (and still be socially distant) is a holiday light tour. As someone who used to really go "all out" for the holidays I take pride in providing some of the best cities in MN for holiday lights. Note that my assessment is based on the past few years and not 2020, though one can only hope that with everything going on, these cities will go all out this year!

Here is my list for top 5 cities in Minnesota for lights:

5. Saint Paul. The Capital city does a great job in downtown and along Grand Avenue with their light displays. Along the river (Kellogg blvd), Rice Park, and along the avenue one can find some great holiday cheer.

4. West Saint Paul. Not sure what it is about this city but there is an above average amount of great Christmas lights in this city. People know what to do in West Saint Paul.

3. Plymouth. Like West St Paul, these people know how to do lights. Drive past 16700 33rd Ave North and you will see what I am talking about. Very impressive all around.

2. Taylor's Falls. This iconic town knows how to be quaint and the holidays is no exception. In the past they do a whole festival around holiday lights.

And the number 1 city would have to be Duluth. More specially Bentleyville. If you haven't had the chance to get to Duluth during the holidays to look at this amazing display in Canal park, get up there. These folks know how to do it. This display is complete with little stands for hot chocolate and cookies, and even Santa has been known to make an appearance.


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