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Emergency Preparedness Plan

In keeping with the request from the Governor's order EO-74, our emergency preparedness plan for COVID-19 is as follows:

1. Travel Restriction: Critical worker exemptions apply ONLY to travel to and from an individual’s home or residence and place of work. (This includes driving to and from daycare or school.) Our advisers will only do essential travel which includes: Showing and touring of properties, inspections, and closings of property.

2. Cannot Be Done at Home: They also apply ONLY when an individual’s performance of work duties CANNOT be done at their homes or residence. Our advisers will work from home whenever possible.

3. Must Follow Guidelines: Any facilitation of real estate transactions must be done to the maximum extent possible, in a manner that adheres to the MN Occupational Safety and Health Standards and the MN Dept of Health. We currently have policies posted at the front door regarding access into the facility. Furthermore, we have sanitizer located throughout the property. We are limiting guest's into office.


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