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November Home Exterior Checklist

November is here and with it comes colder temps and right around the corner, winter. Use this checklist around the exterior of your home to get it ready for the winter to come.

Install storm windows and doors and remove screens. Clean and repair screens, spray with a protective coating, and store in dry area.

Inspect exterior walls for any peeling or blistering paint on the house or outbuildings.

Check the foundation for cracks; caulk around the areas where masonry meets siding, where pipes or wires enter the house, and around the windows and door frames.

Have a licensed, certified roofing professional check the condition of your roof.

After the last leaf falls, clear out the gutters and downspouts, flush them with water, inspect joints and tighten brackets. Paint downspouts away from the foundation.

Examine your pool cover for damage and replace if necessary.

Weather-strip your garage door, making a tight seal between your garage door and the ground.

Inspect your driveway for cracks. Clean out and repair any damage with driveway filler, then coat with a commercial sealer, based on the weather.

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