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What to Know About Renting Your Cabin Out

As many Minnesotans take to the North this month to enjoy the cool breeze of the northern lakes, many of them will be renting privately-owned homes they found through websites like AirBnB and VRBO.

While we have all heard the horror stories from both the renter and landlord-side of the equation, there is a new player that is getting involved in the industry, the local government.

Cabin-Owners should be aware of local laws governing their short-term rental properties prior to renting them out. In some cases, such as the cities of Breezy Point and Duluth, Minnesota there is a moratorium on vacation rentals altogether.

Lake County, Minnesota, which is located on Minnesota's iconic North Shore of Lake Superior joins a growing number of counties requiring Cabin-Owners to obtain conditional use permits prior to renting their properties out.

In addition, insurance companies in many cases are canceling the policies of Cabin-Owners if it is found that they are using their properties for vacation rentals.

This certainly meant to scare you away from getting involved in the vacation rental industry with your real estate property! Our recommendation is to talk to the local governing authority prior to getting involved in the marketplace so you understand and can navigate the laws and policies these authorities are putting in place.

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