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Ferndale Realty Becomes a Homes for Heroes Affiliate

Ferndale Realty, Minneapolis, Minnesota- Announced today the partnership with Homes for Heroes which provides cash back at closing for eligible buyers and sellers that fall into a "hero" category.

Hero categories include: Police officers, Firefighters, EMS, Healthcare, teachers, and veterans of the United States Military.

"We are excited to begin this special partnership with the Homes for Heroes organization" stated Shawn R. Murphy, Principal Broker at Ferndale Realty. "As a real estate brokerage founded by a military veteran, Ferndale Realty is a natural fit for such a program that rewards those who protect and serve us."

The program begins immediately. If you are a veteran, police officer, health care provider (including dental), teacher, or firefighter looking to buy or sell, contact us today regarding this special program.

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